Mossberg® Center-Fire Rifle Parts

The following listing includes the most commonly requested parts for the most commonly owned Mossberg® center-fire rifles. We carry many more parts for each of these models than we would have room to list here. On the flip side, while we try to be sure that every item for every model listed below is currently in stock, we are dealing with obsolete models as much as 30-plus years out of date. Calling us at 636-937-6401 is the best way to assure that we have what you are looking for. You may also inquire by e-mail to Please note that while models may be grouped here for pricing similarity and space, each model is distinctly unique and we must have the exact model number and caliber in order to fill your request, i.e., Model 472PCA and Model 479PCB are very different models.  Parts may be good condition used or new production, and depending on item, fitting may be required by a qualified gunsmith to insure proper function and safety.

Factory Original 30-Round Mossberg MMR/MVP/AR-15 Magazine
5.56mm NATO Aluminum with black Teflon®, High Visibility/Anti-Tilt Yellow Follower, Stamped floorplate with Mossberg logo. Fits AR-15 style semi-auto rifles, including the Mossberg MMR semi-auto and Mossberg MVP 5.56mm Bolt Action Rifle ITEM: MMR30 OVERSTOCK CLEARANCE $19.99 each.  Limit 5


Check with your state regulations/state police for ownership restrictions and regulations of High Capacity magazines. We cannot bill to nor ship to restricted addresses. If you live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Aurora, Chicago, Cicero, Franklin Park, & Oak Park, Illinois, or South Bend Indiana, DO NOT ORDER THIS MAGAZINE. There is a limit of 5 per order.

* Not Always in Stock

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Models 472/479 Series (lever-action rifles)
Rear barrel band $12; screw $2 (brass color only)
Forward barrel band $8; screw $2 (brass color only)
Bolt $25; complete bolt $40
Bolt lock $12, spring $2, pin $1
Firing pin $18
Extractor $8; ejector $8
Open rear sight $25; front sight $18
Weaver # 55 scope blocks $6/pr
Outer magazine tube $28
Loading ramp $22
Rebound lever $5
Sear $6
Hammer $8
Trigger $6

Model 800 all variants

800.jpg (21248 bytes) Extractor $6; ejector $4
Magazine spring $8 (22-250 only)
Magazine latch $3; magazine latch spring $1
Magazine floor plate $8
Trigger housing (stripped) $12; complete $24 (no sear, sold separately)
Weaver # 55 scope blocks $6/pr
Safety button $6
Safety cap $18
Safety spring and plunger $2
Safety lock $8
Front sight $18
Rear folding sight $18

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Model 810, all variants

Bolt complete 7mm only $85
Firing pin $14
Extractor $6
Ejector $4
Trigger assembly $24 complete
Scope rings $18/pr.
Bolt cap $25
Safety button $6
Safety ball $1
Safety spring $1
Front sight $18
Rear folding sight $18

810.jpg (5687 bytes)

Stock $95
Bolt $85 complete
Firing pin $14
Firing pin spring $4
Bolt safety cap complete $35
Extractor $6
Ejector $4
Front sight $18
Rear sight assembly $25
Scope rings $18/pr
Scope blocks $4/pr
Magazine parts (call 636-937-6401)

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* Not Always in Stock

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