Gunsmith Specials

NEW SECTION! GUNSMITH SPECIALS offer great discounts on low-cost “solutions” to problems that may require skilled fitting or alteration.  GUNSMITH SPECIALS are sold as is – no refunds or exchanges on these items.  Check back often as we add items to this section.

NEW! Limited Quantity Vintage 1991 Mossberg 500/590 Military/LE Factory Armorer’s Manual $19.99


NEW! Hi-Vis Fiber Optic Bead Sight Small Fiber Optic shotgun bead sight, red, made for Mossberg shotguns but universal to any 5 x 40 TPI. Bead: .250" o/a length, .09" dia. Shank length: 3/32". Perfect for plain and vent ribbed barrels.

ITEM: FOBEAD $7.50 each

These assorted front sights, in heights from .550 to .750, are good to have in your gunsmith tool box for solving sight issues from many manufacturers.

NEW! ITEM:  SHORT750 $18

Short Length High Profile Deluxe front ramp sight attaches with one 6 x 48 screw (provided).  Dovetail gold bead insert, originally designed for Mossberg high-powered rifles, height .750 from base of ramp to center of gold bead.  $14



NEW! ITEM:  LONG750 $18

Long Length High-Profile Deluxe front ramp sight attaches with one 8 x 40 screw (provided).  Dovetail gold bead insert, originally designed for Mossberg high-powered rifles, height .750 from base of ramp to center of gold bead.  $14


medium profile 500.JPG

ITEM MID550  $18

Originally used on hi-power rifles, this deluxe front ramp sight uses one 8 x 40 screw (provided) to attach base ramp, then gold beaded dovetail insert is drifted in slot.  Height from barrel to center of bead is .550” – may substitute for Mossberg S101 and S106 IF peep sight is used.


Grab Bag Stocks/Forearms


Black/Green camo synthetic stock, fits Mossberg 12 ga pump shotguns 500/535/590/835, no buttplate or recoil pad, some with Waterfowl USA medallion inset in stock.  Put on your own “grind to fit” pad or recoil sleeve to complete.  No matching forearms,  blems, as is $25

500A assorted wood forearms for the 6.5" action slide, 12 ga only, slight blems, with and without checkering
Item: 500AWOODFA6.5 = $18 (12 ga only)

12 ga stocks in original Advantage, Real-Tree Hardwoods or Real-Tree Gray $35 each

500A 12 ga forearms. No matching stocks, $18 each
ITEM 500AWETLANDS synthetic $18 fits 12 ga 6.5" action slides
ITEM 500AGREENLEAF synthetic $18 fits 12 ga 7-5/8" action slides
ITEM 500ALAMINATE wood $25 fits 12 ga 7-5/8" action slides

5500/9200 Synthetic Forearm only, no matching stocks Synthetic stock spacer $10 (required if converting from wood). Choice of ShadowBranch™, Mossy Oak® Tree Stand™ (original) and Real Tree™ $18
ITEM: 5500/9200FASHDW $18    ITEM 5500/9200FAMO $18   I TEM: 5500/9200FARLTR $18

5500, 5500MKII, 9200 rear stocks only, no buttplates, synthetic. Choice of dull matte phosphate, Marsh Camo or OFM Camo finish. Grab bag price $25 each

500C forearms, premium three diamonds or STD checkering, fits 20 ga 6.5" action slides, slight blems, no matching rear, you can pair with a stock of your choice from above but no exact color match

ITEM: 500CWOODFA6.5 = $25   

Camo Feed Tubes

Model 835 Camo Feed Tubes. 12 ga only, from top, Real Tree Gray, Shadowgrass, Real Tree orig., Marsh


Ask about assorted mag tube caps, various camo finishes – can be refinished to match, $10




Stock Coins

Originally designed as stock or receiver medallions in the 1983 North American Hunting Club and 500 Medallion series, 1-1/2” diameter, can be set in stock or just collected as coins.

North American Hunting Club

Duck Medallion

Grouse Medallion

Pheasant Medallion

Pistol Grip Caps


ITEM:  Fleur de Lis cap with white spacer $4
  Gold metal Mossberg Medallion $4

Steel Replacement Safety Block part number 3313 for Mossberg Bolt Action shotguns in 385, 485, 390, 490, 395 and 495 series 20, 16 and 12 ga. 
Note:  Safety repairs may require fitting and should be performed by a qualified gunsmith to insure proper operation of the repaired firearm.

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