Mossberg® Modern Shotgun Parts

The following listing includes the most commonly requested parts for the most commonly owned Mossberg modern-era shotguns.  This includes the current pump action 500®, 590® and 835® Ulti-Mag® as well as the discontinued 5500®, 5500MKII® and 9200® semi-autos.  We carry many more parts for each of these models than we would have room to list here. On the flip side, while we try to be sure that every item for every model listed below is currently in stock, we may sometimes be out of stock on items from time to time. Calling us at 636-937-6401 is the best way to assure that we have what you are looking for. You may also inquire by e-mail to Please note that while models may be grouped here for pricing similarity and space, each model is distinctly unique and we must have the exact model number and caliber in order to fill your request, i.e., 5500® and  9200® are very different models though they may have similarly-named parts. Also note that some items may be on "special" during certain seasons of the year. 

PLEASE NOTE that in our travels when buying out gun shops and other stores, we run across items that are technically new but are scratched or have blemished finishes.  This is particularly true of stocks, barrels, chokes, etc, with "showroom wear."  We always indicate these as seconds, blems or "as new" condition items.  Be sure to check the WEB SPECIALS page to enjoy additional savings. Also note the CLOSE-OUT BARRELS page, and two new sections we have added:


Depending on the item,
fitting may be required by a qualified gunsmith to insure proper function and safety.

500® – 12 ga., 16 ga., 20 ga., .410 bore, 590® - 12 ga only 9-Shot Mariner
Bolt slide $16 (must send in old bolt for matching)
Bolt complete $45 (must send in old bolt for matching)
Extractors R or L, $14; Pins $2, Springs $4
Ejectors $10; Ejector Screw $4
Elevator $14
Cartridge Stop $8
Cartridge Interruptor $8
Firing Pins $18 (new style); $18 (old style)
Trigger Housing Pins $4
Action slide 6-1/2” tube $48 Back in Stock
Action slide 7-5/8” tube $68 Back in Stock
Slide nut $14 Back in Stock

Top tang safety slide metal (top) $10
Top tang safety slide polymer (bottom) $6

500® & 835® Stocks

Click Here for complete selection of stocks and forearms for your Mossberg pump shotgun

Comparison of action slide lengths: top 7-5/8”, bottom 6-1/2” Measure from top of threads to bottom of collar that holds the action bars. This measurement is critical to fit when ordering forearms or stock sets that include a forearm. For the most part, 20-year and older sporting shotguns and new tactical shotguns use the 7-5/8” slide. New sporting models have used the 6-1/2” slide for almost 20 years. There are exceptions, however. To be sure, measure! 
NOTE:  Since 2006, most new 500®, 535® and 835® sporting shotguns with synthetic forearms may not use an action slide tube at all; rather, the pump handle will have two integral bars pinned into the handle itself.  If you have one of these, you cannot use a forearm that was designed to go over an action slide tube without first buying the correct length tube and action slide tube nut.

Old Style Stocks and Forearms for K850XXX serial number or older – action slide length 7-5/8”

Stocks and forearms for 500® 12 ga will also fit 835® Ulti-Mag® 12 ga. Measure the cylinder potion of your action slide to determine if old style (7-5/8”) or new style (6-1/2”)

Synthetic Speed-Feed® stock, 12 ga, Black or Woodland Camo, holds 2 extra shells in each side of stock $60
Item: Speed-Feed Stock . specify Black or Woodland Camo

Synthetic Forearm, Black, old style sporting or tactical, for action slides 7-5/8”

Synthetic Stock:  Black, fits all 500/590/835/535 and Maverick 88, with recoil pad
Combo sets black forearm 7-5/8” and stock with plain stock or Speed Feed Stock
: COMBOSYNBLK $55 (with plain black stock)
ITEM: COMBOSYNSPDFD $75 (with Speed Feed stock black)

Walnut Dual-Comb stock with high and low-comb, satin gloss finish, checkering and quality Kick-Eez recoil pad. Slight blems and finish scuffs. Stock and comb inserts only – no matching forearms. Closeout $60

NOTE:  See Gunsmith Specials for Grab bag close outs of “as-is” stocks, forearms and accessories.

500®Barrels: See CLOSE-OUT BARRELS

835® 12 ga. "Ulti-Mag"® Model
Model 835
Bolt $45
Bolt slide $16
Elevator $18
Ejector $8; Ejector screw $3
Top tang safety slide metal (top) $10
Top tang safety slide polymer (bottom) $6
Firing Pin $18

Note: See Model 500® and 835® stock listings above

5500® and 9200® semi –auto 12 ga. models

Click Here for complete selection of stocks and forearms for your Mossberg pump shotgun

5500/9900 Model

Trigger housing complete $65
R-shell stop assembly $12*
L-shell stop assembly $12*
Top tang safety slide metal (top) $10
Top tang safety slide polymer (bottom) $6
Receiver insert $4
Operating handle $15
Trigger pin(s) $2 each
Magazine tube $24 (used only)
Magazine spring $6
Follower $2
Inertia weight complete $25
Inner piston ring $4
Outer piston ring $4
O-ring $2
Action bar retainer (for inertia weight) $4
Forend cap detent $2
Inertia Weight Buffer $8
Magazine spring retainer $2
5500® and 5500 MKII Barrels: See CLOSE-OUT BARRELS
New! See Tactical Accessories for Shotgun Scopes, Mono and Tri-rails, picatinny systems, folding and collapsible stocks, pistol grip forends and more

Pachmayr Slip- On recoil pads

Use for shotguns missing a factory recoil pad or to add ¾" LOP to factory set up. Easy to install in shop or at the range. Medium fits many other brands as well as Mossberg

ITEM: PAD4433 $16.00 (for use on stocks without a recoil pad)

ITEM: PAD4413 $26.50 (for use on stocks with or without a recoil pad)

5500® & 9200® STOCKS

"OD" subdued green synthetic stock and forearm set, requires synthetic stock spacer if converting from wood.
5500/9200 OD set $45 [includes buttplate]
Synthetic stock spacer $10 (required if converting from wood)

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